Karen L. Oberst - Poetry - Rainbow

by Karen L. Oberst

This is a poem I wrote in a writing workshop. The presenter asked us to write a poem involving two or more colors applied to a thing. I chose to describe a rainbow. This was written in about 15 minutes, so is more for fun than anything else.

Rainbows are made up of all the colors -
Roy G Biv as we learned in school.
But just because you're part of a family
Doesn't mean you get along.

Red, the shortest - resentful because of that.
Red the outgoing. Red the brash.
Red, wanting to get things moving.
Always over-shadowed by its bigger family.

Orange is cheerful - happy-go-lucky.
Content just to be, always spreading sunshine.
Orange likes jokes, like to laugh.
It's perfectly happy in its order of things.

Yellow beams at everyone.
Joy radiates form it. A deeper
Joy than orange's cheer.
Yellow lights the way for everyone.

Green the encourager, the mother.
Not the biggest, but cool and nurturing.
Green is the responsible one, keeping things orderly.
Green drives red crazy with its slow and peaceful ways.

Blue is most at home in the sky of the same color.
Blue is aloof and cool, the ice queen.
Blue looks down on red
And thinks green is presumptuous.

Indigo, the deepest color.
Indigo is quiet melancholy. Aloof like blue
But not the queen - rather
The wizard. The mystery. The anchor.

Violet is the shy one,
On the top, the longest,
And awkward because of that.
Too far from red to ever bring them together.

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