Karen L. Oberst - Poetry - Push Out Into Deep Water

Push Out Into Deep Water
Based on Luke 5:1-11
by Karen L. Oberst

Fishing all night, they caught nothing
Morning frustration repairing nets
Getting ready to go home. Wait -
Where's the crowd coming from?

Then they saw him - Jesus.
The one they'd heard so much about.
"Put out a little from shore," he requested
And they rowed his bobbing pulpit there.

The fisherman sat spellbound as he spoke
Nets and sleep and fishlessness forgotten
They listened hungrily as he fed their souls.
Listened as he spoke words of life.

He sent off his audience on the shore
And the fishermen woke, as from a dream.
He turned to them and smiled
Acknowledging their help - and their need.

"Push out into deep water," he said
"And let your nets out for a catch
Half-heartedly protesting, they did as he asked
And multitudes of fish swam to them.

How often has he said to me
"Push out into deep water,"
When I would be content
To stay in the shallows listening?

I sit peaceful in my small life
Ticking off my to-do list
When his voice comes to me
"Push out into deep water."

"It's time to leave the ordinary,
Time to put learning into practice.
I'll care for you," he says.
"Push out into deep water."

Lord, point me to the deep
Show me where to row my life
I want to follow you as I
Push out into deep water.

But deep water wasn't the destination
Only the place where you showed them
Who you are - what you can do
Then you called on them to follow.

Those who push out into deep water
Learn things unknown to those on shore
Discover faith that can move mountains - or fish
And how to follow where you lead.

Lead me, Lord
Deep or shallow, High or low
Pastures or valleys, Sheep or eagle
Just point me the way - and bid me follow.

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