Karen L. Oberst - Poetry - Prayer For My Day

Prayer For My Day
by Karen L. Oberst

Lord, in my waking
Lord, in my typing
Be near to me.

Lord in my gardening
Lord, in my peddling
Be near to me.

Lord in my research
Lord, in my reading
Be near to me.

Keep my eyes open
Keep my hears tuned
That I might sense you Lord,

In the birdsong all around
In the voices of those I meet
May I hear you, Lord.

In the faces of those that I meet
And those that I remember
May I see you, Lord.

May my feet take me to right places
May my hands find useful thing to do
As I work for you this day, Lord.

As I raise my voice in praise,
As I ask your help for others
Hear my prayer, Lord.

Then keep me safe in your hand this night
As I rest in you, Lord.
As I rest in you.

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