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Praise Poem
by Karen L. Oberst

This will eventually be a praise poem in the Celtic style covering all four seasons. It's done currerntly through autumn.

Stanza 1 - Daffodils
My daffodils dance their praise to our Creator
Their bright yellow heads bending and swaying in joy.
Do you think the wind moves them?
Or are they clasping hands with angels?

Stanza 2 - Tulips
Tulips in their pastel turbans
Like regal ladies, bend only slightly
In acknowledgement of their creator
And the beauty they bring to us.

Stanza 3 - Mourning Doves
Your quiet cooing sounds through the land,
Calling us to remembrance of the changing season
And our creator's goodness. Heralding spring
As you have since the days of Solomon.

Stanza 4 - Tree Frogs
Tiny tree frogs - small in size, big in sound
Sing merrily from the drainage ditch
Of their love for each other and their creator.
Would that I could praise as continuously as they.

Stanza 5 - Grass
Lawns losing their winter browness
Praise their creator with color
Rather than voices; demonstrating
Silently the resurrecting power of God.

Stanza 6 - Fruit Trees
Fruit trees praise with pastel blossoms
Breathing delicate fragrance into the air.
Pink or white against the blue of the sky
Turns our thoughts to their Creator - and ours.

Stanza 7 - Hogback Mountain
The mountain praises God for the spring
As bright green spills down its side.
Reminding us here below of the possibility
Of new growth in our own lives.

Stanza 1 - Poppies
Poppies stand around in crowds
Their orange blossoms like
Upside down ballerina dresses.
Dancing their praise for their creator.

Stanza 2 - Lilacs
The lilacs praise the creator
With their heady perfume
Erect purple blossoms
Calling us to breathe deeply.

Stanza 3 - Robins
The thinness of early spring gone
The robin's orange vest sticks out
Made plump on my yard's worms.
It's a joy to watch the streak of color.

Stanza 4 - Peonies
Standing tall and proud, the peonies
Open extravagant blooms on bunched stalks.
The glorious pink invading the deep green
Shout their praise to God with their color.

Stanza 5 - Vegetables
Tomatoes, peppers, potatoes, peas, carrots
Onions, lettuce, and all the others
Have blossoms now, the promise of fruit
May I show my blossoms too, and fruit in season.

Stanza 6 - Bees
In my garden, the bees hum their praise
Continuously. An endless background noise
As I weed and water and harvest the bounty.
Could I ever learn to praise so unceasingly?

Stanza 7 - Thunderstorms
God shouts his strength and power to us
In the thunderstorms. Light brightens the night
And the thunder roars its approval.
God reminding us of her wildness and power.

Stanza 1 - Sunflowers
Sunflowers open their laughing faces
Petals emulate the yellow of the sun itself
They dance their praise to their creator
Then bow their heads in reverence.

Stanza 2 - Tomatoes
Tomatoes, blushing, swell into sweetness
Changing ever so slowly from green to red
Offering their bounty to those who love them
Their praise is in their taste.

Stanza 3 - Chrysanthemums
Flowering in the colors of the season -
Yellow, violet, rust, orange -
Mums open to the autumn sun,
Rejoicing before the frost.

Stanza 4 - Plums
Plums ripen into oval purple fruit
Majestic color, rush of flavor, hidden pit -
Sweet juice cascading down your arm.
The promise of spring blossoms fulfilled.

Stanza 5 - Canada Geese
V-shaped against the deep blue
A flight of glory and of freedom.
Geese flying south for the winter.
Honking praises as they go.

Stanza 6 - Pumpkins
Summer's coy little pumpkins hidden
Beneath cool leafy coverings
Swollen too big to hide now
Their plump orange a praise of color.

Stanza 7 - Harvest
The bounty of autumn -
Tomatoes, carrots, peppers, beans
Potatoes, squash, corn, and onions -
Praise for the miracle of God's bounty.

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