Karen L. Oberst - Poetry - Peter Saw the Wind

Peter Saw the Wind
by Karen L. Oberst

Peter saw the wind.
Walking on the waves
Heading toward Jesus
Peter saw the wind-
And was afraid.

Not the clouds.
Not the waves.
Not the before-dawn blackness.
Peter saw the wind.

He had seen Jesus.
They'd all seen Jesus.
"A ghost!" they cried.
Now out of the boat
Peter saw the wind -
And he sank.

What do I see
When I look around me?
Are my eyes on Jesus?
Or do I see the wind?

Do I see the waves;
The danger that's real?
Or focus on the insubstantial
See the wind - and fear.

Lord, when you call me out of the boat
And I gather my courage and come
May I keep my eyes on you.
Keep my trust in you.
And never, not ever,
Notice the wind,

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