Karen L. Oberst - Poetry - Not A Sheep

Not A Sheep
by Karen L. Oberst

Lord, for the last six months - more
I've insisted I'm no longer a sheep
So the shepherd opened the door
And let this not-sheep out.

Now here I stand on my own
Not a sheep, but not yet an eagle.
Standing alone in the middle of freedom
Not knowing where - or how - to go.

Paralyzed by possibilities, I stand
I have my wings - my eagle wings
But no idea how to use them
What good is a not-sheep, not-eagle?

Part of me wants to run back to the sheepfold
But I see the shepherd leaning over the door
Smiling encouragement to this nervous
No-longer sheep, not-yet eagle.

On wobbly legs, I move forward
Towards what, I know not yet
Hoping for someone to come along
To teach me how -and where - to fly.

And yet part of me knows
That the teacher I wait for is me.
I must teach myself to fly and I
Am the one to choose the destination.

Help me to choose wisely, Lord.

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