Karen L. Oberst - Poetry - Frost Isn't the End

Frost Isn't the End
by Karen L. Oberst

In February the plum blossoms open in Japan
First and fragile, they face the end of winter.
Dare the cold and storms
Living on the edge.

Last year I planted tomatoes in spring
But frost came, branches wilted and died.
But beneath the disaster
The plants lived, grew, and blossomed.

Tomatoes were small and late
But they came
Winter killed the branches
But not all the plant.

In February I leave work
"Retiring" before my time
Vulnerable, I face the world
Living on the edge.

Next year no paycheck
Until I can make it happen.
Risking livelihood to become alive
I will live, grow, and blossom.

My fruit may be small and late
But it will come.
I will survive the winter
And I will give good gifts to the world.

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