Karen L. Oberst - Poetry - Explorer

by Karen L. Oberst

Lord, I'm not a lost sheep
Separated accidentally and frightened
Though I am a bit confused.

I'm more like an explorer
Whose map got me this far
Dead-ended me in this valley.

I see where I am, but not
How to go on. I don't know
What should be my next step.

I see multiple peaks beckoning
Author, Speaker, Teacher
Artist, Traveler, Scholar

But I don't see the paths
To the peaks; don't know
Which peak to head for.

Do I just walk on
Keeping my eyes open
Or should I set a course?

If I set a course,
How do I choose
Which peak to attempt?

Poised among possibilities
I wait to be called
But it is I who must choose.

I want to choose your best way, Lord
So I'm asking you: extend my map
Or teach me to draw a new one.

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