QuoteLady.com proudly announces our second quotation book:

365 More Great Quotes to Start Your Day (or End It!)
by Karen L. Oberst
QuoteLady.com, 2001
401 p., $12.95 (but see below for Web special)

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  Start your day (or end it!) with inspiration in this second compilation of monthly quotations from the Quote Lady. On this disk are quotes for each day of the year in the twelve categories:


Use it as a calendar. Use it as a quote book. But most of all, use it for your daily inspiration.

This book on CD-ROM is in pdf format, and is readable with the free Adobe Acrobat reader, which is included on the disk. If you already have the Acrobat Reader plug-in for your Web browser, you can read it right away.

  If you have the Acrobat Reader plugin, you can read an excerpt here. If you don't have the plug-in, you can download it here.
  You can buy 365 More Great Quotes to Start Your Day (or End It!) directly from QuoteLady.com. As a Web special, we are offering this for only $9.95, $3.00 off the retail price if you buy directly. We use PayPal, a safe, secure way of collecting money over the Web. If you are not a member of PayPal, you can join as you make your purchase. Just click on the button. You'll be surprised how easy it is!

Like to save a couple bucks and the cost of shipping? This is also available as an ebook. Use the link below and you will receive the link to download your book within 24 hours.

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