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Light Came at Christmas: Services for the Advent Wreath
by Karen L. Oberst
Eulogia Books, 2001

Looking for a different book to help celebrate Advent?
Hoping for something more complete?
Look no further!

Light Came at Christmas covers the four weeks of Advent and the Christmas Eve service.

Each section contains:

  • Background and scripture to help prepare for that week
  • Suggested music
  • Prayers
  • Drama (something for children)
  • Responsive reading
  • Conclusion/Benediction

For a church/meeting
Use each section for a service--just add a sermon
--or use the drama in Sunday School classes to help children understand Advent

For families
Use a section each night to celebrate Advent in a new way
--sections are suitable for various ages


"I highly recommend "Light Came at Christmas" by Karen Oberst. What a great asset this book was to our worship experience during the advent season! This is a creative tool for any worship leader looking for fresh ways to usher people into the presence of Christ."
Faith Marsalli
Klamath Falls Friends Church


QuoteLady.com is proud to present this tribute to the Advent season. Those who know Ms. Oberst know that Christmas is her favorite time of year, and we believe it shows in this volume. We especially like the humorous drama section!

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Or you can see it in HTML, which gives you the words, and some of the formatting.

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