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Our demographics are varied, but a large number of members come from the educational system in some way or another, so they tend to be more educated than the population at large. We have visitors from all over the globe: Europe, North America, Australia, Oceania, Africa, South America, Asia, and the Caribbean. Our members use every kind of browser (Safari ranks highest) and also mobile phones. People find us from Google, Bing, Ask, Facebook, Stumbleupon and others.

The Numbers
In 2014 as of May 1, our stats averaged:
  • Home page views - 1373 per week
  • Page views for the site - 9913 per week
  • Unique visitors (user sessions) - 3734 per week
In addition, we have an extensive collection of Christmas quotes, and in late November, and early December, we average between 2500 and 3000 hits a week for that particular page.

QuoteLady is a family friendly site. Our visitors come to be inspired. Therefore we will NOT link to any:

  • Pages promoting illegal acts.
  • Pages promoting violence of any kind, including pornography.
  • Pages promoting intolerance, hatred or bigotry, whether that is racial, creedal, gender-based, or any other.
  • Pages promoting drugs, including alcohol and tobacco.
  • Pages promoting destructive life styles, such as gambling.
  • Pages intended to be divisive, either strongly conservative or liberal.

I as owner (Karen L. Oberst) reserve the right to reject any ad I deem inappropriate.

The possibilities
  • Banner link on the home page: $300 per month / $75 per week (our week runs from Sunday to Saturday).
  • Text link with small graphic (no more than 90 pixels high, preferably 60) as our "featured" item for one week - $75
  • Other graphical links on the home page: $100 per month / $25 per week
      We currently can accommodate 2 sizes - 120 x 60 or 234 x 60
  • Text link on the home page: $50 per month
  • Banner link on any other page (find a subject related to your product) - $250 per month / $75 per week
  • Text link on any other page $40 per month
  • Listed in the Quote of the Day newsletter (currently approximately 3700 members), one day a week for a month, text link only - $50
  • Banner on the Christmas page during November and December - $700 for both months

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